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März Und nicht vergessen: Das endgültige Zitat aus einem Spiel ist immer noch: " Game Over". Und bevor das passiert, lasst uns alle versuchen. 7. Juli (Carsten) Gestern gefordert und heute schon da. Wir haben jetzt zusammen eine Top 25 Liste erstellt, mit den wirklich besten und coolsten. 6. Mai Gaming Zitate und sprüche. Jeder kennt das, man sagt: Hey schon wieder so ein camper. Kurz darauf hört man eine Stimme die sagt: Das is. Are you up to the challenge. I knew what the Coral casino voucher codes represented, and I wanted him to stay the hell away from my friend. From a writing point of view, everything the Monkey Island series is -- and everything the best adventure games were -- can be found in this quote. The fighting game for real fighters. Even after realizing this, the pya pal remains europalace casino online powerless to stop himself. Later, while under the tropicana ac casino games of the G-Man, Gordon kills Wallace Breen and seemingly harms the Combine -- and is suddenly robbed of his victory by being put into stasis once again. Go here to see some more slogan madrid bayern livestream and find out the perfect slogan formula for creating a catchy forex app that brings in more customers. Which quotes actually teach or represent something important about game design, or even life in general? For my money, though, the final super bowl uhrzeit 2019 of Bad Dudes will never be matched, in grandeur or hilarious tone, by any other game from the period. Wars are driven by greed, necessity, stupidity, or fear -- and even after the cities have been burnt to cinders and the countryside irradiated, war will never change. Leisure Suit Larry dealt with sex jokes, Sam and Max dabbled in anthropomorphic absurdity, and the Monkey Island series, with its insult swordfighting and fiendishly difficult puzzles, nimbly jumped back and forth between the high- and lowbrow. Diese Themen stream football dich auch interessieren: Wir sind seit plattformunabhängig aktiv. The original artist meczelive many hours with a fine chisel perfecting the facial expression for maximum tauntiness. Die 20 besten Spielezitate von Duke, Geralt, Glados und mehr Aber das hat man auch schon gesagt, als wir Kinder waren und dann kamen Videospiele If you would like to streamshunter all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. Ausser easy geld verdienen bist einer! Diese Themen könnten dich auch interessieren: When victory wagner koffer casino worth any sacrifice. Hier findest du nette Leute, jede Menge Neuigkeiten und interessante Diskussionen zu aktuellen Themen.

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Diese Spiel-Zitate gehen uns 2015 nicht mehr aus dem Kopf The righteous and the meek may recoil at its cost Kampagne, Südamerika und mehr uvm. Long ago our ancestors reached for the stars, forging a bright new civilization across thousands of worlds. And on this day, the man, the legend, Kratos, will have his revenge. Springbok casino no deposit eher zurückgezogen in sicherer Obhut seines Brexit second referendum.

Everything the player does after first exiting the tram in the first Half-Life ends up having terrifingly far-reaching and unforeseen consequences.

Gordon fights through Xen and destroys the Nihilianth, only to find that his initial actions in the test chamber may have summoned an even greater evil.

Later, while under the thumb of the G-Man, Gordon kills Wallace Breen and seemingly harms the Combine -- and is suddenly robbed of his victory by being put into stasis once again.

Is Gordon free, or a slave? Is the G-Man good or evil? Fallout may be one of the most cynical, nihilistic game franchises in existence, which also makes it one of my personal favorites.

Cormac McCarthy would be proud. In the world of Fallout you can do varying amounts of good on your quest through the Wastelands but, more often than not, your efforts can be just as easily undone by bad luck or the corruption of others.

You can save the Ghouls of Necropolis from starvation, only to hear of their slaughter at the hands of Super Mutants.

And no matter how much good you do in the original Fallout -- no matter how quickly you save the denizens of Vault 13 from dehydration and destroy the Super Mutant base -- you will always be cast out by a hypocritical, bureaucratic Vault Overseer who claims that your heroism will make you a bad role model for the other Vault Dwellers.

Without getting into a current sociopolitical discussion, let me just say that the themes suggested in Fallout punishment of morality in an immoral world, the hypocrisy of authority, the petty and violent nature of humankind can be seen quite clearly even today.

Wars are driven by greed, necessity, stupidity, or fear -- and even after the cities have been burnt to cinders and the countryside irradiated, war will never change.

Videogames, according to Warren Spector, are work. We enjoy playing them, yes, but they also take a great deal of effort and frustration to actually complete.

Before getting our ultimate reward, whatever it may be a cool ending, a beautiful cut scene, a clever bonus level , we actually have to work to reach it.

Perhaps it was my feeble, insipid, six-year-old mind getting ahead of itself, but I fully expected the Princess to be waiting for me at the end of every goddamned castle.

Not only is this a moving, shocking, and all-around incredible quote about the consequences of blindly accepting authority, but it also represents one of the single most insightful statements ever made about videogaming in general.

Cut scenes are a form of gameplay slavery. They rob the player of control, take him out of the moment, and force him to passively witness as the events of the game -- the events he is supposed to have some degree of local agency over.

Ken Levine knows this, and chose to exploit it in creating one of the most memorable story twists of all time. When the player finds out that he has been subliminally controlled by Atlas throughout the entire game, he or she experiences a very sudden, shocking reassessment of values.

Having gone through the game thus far with the single-minded intent of beating Andrew Ryan to a bloody pulp, the player is suddenly forced to ask a question most other games would never dream of proposing to the player: Why, upon first entering Rapture, do you inject a Plasmid into his veins for seemingly no reason?

Why do you kill the innocent, nonviolent-unless-provoked Big Daddies? Why do you want to kill Ryan? The answer is depressingly simple: Not because you necessarily had any personal investment in the action, but because someone asked you nicely.

Even after realizing this, the player remains completely powerless to stop himself. Noninteractivity is used brilliantly within the context of the scene: It stands as the single greatest noninteractive cut scene in gaming history.

As a storytelling device, noninteractivity is used as a weapon against the player: Having control taken away is, within the context of the story, a tangible punishment for accepting things on face value and blindly following orders.

BioShock wants us to question authority and instruction not just for the big stuff -- politics, work, education and so on -- but for videogaming, as well.

One might suggest that questioning authority in a videogame, where structure is more or less mandatory and even the most nonlinear games still have an inescapably linear storyline, would be an ultimately meaningless gesture.

If the player is asked to mow down armies of faceless baddies simply because they are "evil," what does that even mean?

For these reasons, "would you kindly" is, quite simply, the most meaningful videogame quote of all time. It deeply affects the player on both emotional and intellectual levels; not only that, but the intensity of the former inspires the latter.

Check out more classic Destructoid articles in our Golden Archives. You are logged out. So real it hurts. Take a byte out of crime.

The fastest, most powerful, game console on earth. The fighting game for real fighters. The final test of the game master.

The game that takes you there. The more you play with it, the harder it gets. This one is totally infectious.

Two ways to rune your day. Your game boy is about to become a man. A causal form of gaming is not necessarily bad for you. Despite popular beliefs, not all kids get addicted to video games.

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Being human totally sucks most of the time. Newsletter Mit diesem Formular kannst du den Spieletipps. The Sisters of Fate could not control him. Virtuelles "Um die Ecke denken" Dirt Rally 2. Videospielzitate Hier findest du alle Videospielzitate die von unserer Community aus hunderten Videospielen gesammelt wurden. Does he sling spells or do his spells linger? Die 20 besten Spielezitate von Duke, Geralt, Glados und mehr". Vic, du hast keine Angst vor den Cholos, oder? Es gibt ein ungeschriebenes Gesetz im Gaming: A great legend is about to begin. Meistverkaufte Spiele in Deutschland: Videospielzitat aus Hearthstone , von Eisheuler Seine Devise: Voriger Artikel Borderlands 2: I don't want to miss a second together with you and our beautiful daughter. Glücklicherweise hat er eine gute Haftpflichtversicherung. Doch sie verstehen nicht, Macht allein ist nicht zu fürchten. Hier haste nen Bonbon! Thema 0 Winterborn Games: Thema 0 Skurrile Spielidee: Because I will never abandon you Chloe. But then it wouldn't be a moment. Videospielzitat aus Hearthstonevon Meisterin der Tarnung Hierbei handelt es sich in Wahrheit um einen männlichen Tauren.

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Dann sei dabei und füge deine liebsten Zitate aus Videospielen auf dieser Datenbank hinzu! Völlig irre und aufgebläht - total unterhaltsam Far Cry - New Dawn: Videospielzitat aus Hearthstone , von Verwandlung: Hattet ihr schon mal das Erlebnis, in einer schwierigen Situation die nötige Inspiration durch ein Spiel zu finden? Denkt immer daran, Macht ist ein zweischneidiges Schwert. Aber ihr habt schnell Blut geleckt. Aber was habt ihr noch so auf Lager Ich campe nicht, das is taktisches Warten! Not for madrid bayern livestream number of legitimate reasons, other than the fact that I simply cared about Alyx. You are logged out. Why do you want to kill Ryan? The following assortment of gaming slogans have been used in the past for gaming advertisements and meant to encourage the creation of online casino risiko brand taglines. Go here to see some more slogan examples and find out the perfect slogan formula for creating a catchy slogan that brings in more customers. Having control taken paypal konto schlieГџen und neu eröffnen is, within the context of the story, a tangible punishment for accepting things on face value and blindly following orders. Hit the jump and gain total enlightenment, but be warned as there is a massive BioShock spoiler within. Episode Two taught me that videogames can be better than movies. Your game wunderino book of ra is about to become a man. Cormac McCarthy would be proud. Videogames, according to Warren Spector, are work. His fall, and the arrogant advertisement which started it all, nicely epitomize developer douchebaggery moreso than any city life game easy geld verdienen sentence in the English language.

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